A community rallies and the country notices

Brockton a city south of Boston made national news this week after word spread about an impending ICE raid.

First the news spread by word of mouth both online and in the community. Then, Michelle DuBois, a state representative, confirmed the dates of the raid on her Facebook page to warn community, of which a quarter are foreign born. People began spreading information and letting people know they don’t have to open their doors unless there is a search warrant. Some championed the community sticking together, but others, including Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, not so much.

However, Attorney General Maura Healey disagrees with the the sheriff’s statement and said that DuBois was within her rights to warn the community.

On Monday, the community took to the steps of city hall to show support for immigrants and for DuBois’ warning post.

“Folks who do not vote have as many needs and concerns as anyone else,” said DuBois, at the rally. “Children do not vote, and they are our most precious resource. … Non-citizens do not vote, but they make up a large part of the city of Brockton. Brockton has always been an immigrant city, and all people who live here deserve representation and a voice.”

This is something that directly relates to the idea of sanctuary cities. I think everything is pretty unclear legally as to what degree cities and government employees have to comply with ICE. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the upcoming months, but it is nice to see politicians standing up for immigrants in their communities.

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