Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I wanted to look into speaking to Immigration lawyers around Boston to see what their workloads have been like since Trump was inaugurated and talk to them about what kinds of cases they have been getting. I remember seeing lawyers going to the airport during the madness of the travel ban to volunteer their time, so that was what inspired this idea. In my research, I came across this WBUR article that said that Boston immigration courts have one of the highest backlogs of cases in the country. I think it would be really interesting to talk to lawyers and advocates about what the situation is like in Boston currently.

I have reached out to various immigration advocates including: ACLU Massachusetts, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, the director of Immigrant Advancement for the city of Boston, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association in Boston. I have also reached out to lawyers and law offices including: Immigration and visa lawyer Joshua Goldstein, Maged & Rost, Rachel L. Rado, Altman & Altman LLP, and a few more.

As of posting, I have set up an interview with someone from the American Immigration Lawyers Association. I am confident I will be able to reach others soon.

As for the rest of the project, I am planning on doing a video to go along with my article by recording my interviews. I don’t think this is a very visual project for the photo story so I will be finding another idea for that. I know of a few upcoming immigration rallies that I can try to go to.

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