From “immigrant” to “human”

A recent article on Define American brought my attention to a Google Chrome extension that will change any mention of the word immigrants to people. The extension, available on the Chrome Store is called “We are all immigrants.”

I thought it was an interesting and timely concept, as immigrants are hot topic in politics. The extension tries to humanize the discussion on immigrants and not treat immigrants like a demographic for political advancement.

Upon more research, the extension actually was released last year and others exist like it. Rehumanize, which came out in 2015, is another extension that also changes references of the word immigrant and refugee to human.

This is the company’s mission according to their website:

“It’s in your newsfeed, it’s in the news. Too often those fleeing disaster and despair are called “queue jumpers”, “boat people” or worse.. “illegals”. It’s easy to lose sight of their humanity. This simple Chrome extension replaces these words and brings in a little more dignity.”

Overall, it’s an interesting tactic to use technology to send out a message. While these extensions did not come out recently, I think they still resonate now.

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