Where does Donald Trump actually stand on immigration?

The past few days have been a whirlwind of comments on immigration that, frankly, has left me a bit confused on where the President stands on the issue.

It all started before the President gave his address to a Joint Session of Congress. There were murmurs that Trump was changing pace with immigration. This included backing off the DACA dreamers and even looking at a path to citizenship.

However,  a lot happened during his speech regarding immigration, none of which includes the aforementioned claims. Instead, attention was drawn to crimes committed by illegal immigrants and sitting by the First Lady’s side was family members of a victim of such a crime. Trump also brought attention to a new program called VOICE, or Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement. This is a new office within the Department of Homeland Security that will focus solely on reporting crimes commuted by illegal immigrants to provide “a voice to those who have been ignored by our media, and silenced by special interests,” said the President at his address.

This obviously drew a lot of attention and backlash.

The President also doubled down on his promise to build a wall and the travel ban replacement executive order is also said to be released this week.

However, Trump did try to get across a message of compromise even making mention to a possible merit-based immigration system, similar to that of Canada’s.

“I believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible,” Trump said, “as long as we focus on the following goals: to improve jobs and wages for Americans, to strengthen our nation’s security, and to restore respect for our laws.”

So, in conclusion, I’m confused. While I think many people would greatly look forward to bipartisan immigration reform like he promised in the speech, the specifics he laid out didn’t seem like something that will be happening anytime soon.

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