Today our class was visited by Adam Glanzman, a photojournalist and the staff photographer for Northeastern University. Glanzman went over how he got a photo story on a 75-year-old arm wrestler published by The New York Times and some general photography tips.

One of the biggest takeaways from his presentation was to just keep shooting. For the wrestler story, he shot over 5,000 photos. I think it goes to show that even a professional photographer won’t get the perfect shot every time so you just need to keep shooting.


As for smartphone photography, Glanzman made an interesting point of phones allowing you to file your photos right away. He referenced an article by Brad Mangin who said in 2016 he made more money selling photos taken from his iPhone than his fancy DSLR camera. Smartphones are a good tool even for professional photographers who need to get a quick shot.

I will try to incorporate his tips on lighting and depth on iPhone photos for my photo story. If they come out half as good as Glanzman’s photos then I think I will do alright.

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