America’s Voice speaks for the rights of immigrants

In my search for sources for this blog, I came across America’s Voice, an immigration rights advocacy and lobbying non-profit organization. I found their website to be a particularly good source of information on the topic.

The blog section is where I get most of my information. They stay very current and post often on the various issues facing immigrants lately. Their posts are mostly aggregation and curation of other sources but I do think that it’s still a worthwhile read because they do a great job of pulling everything together. Also, they have a daily post called Immigration Reform News Today, which is a list of links to relevant news articles from many sources from that day. I often go to this list as a way of quickly reading up on immigration news. However, the downside is that they don’t do much original reporting despite employing a few journalists.

Another interesting part of their website is the politics page. This is where they put more in depth posts about polling and research on immigration. While this is not updated as often as the blog, it’s a good source of more data related information. Particularly, it has some good articles about minority participation in the election.

The organization was founded by Frank Sharry, the former director of the National Immigration Forum, in 2008. Sharry also has a very interesting background. He has worked abroad and in the U.S. helping refugees before he founded America’s Voice. I believe this organization is funded primarily through donations, as they have a place to contribute on their website and also do not run any ads.

According to Similar Web, their engagement is a little over 26 thousand total visitors. Their Twitter page has over 30 thousand followers. I typically land on their website through Twitter because they tweet out all their articles and I find that they are constantly being retweeted by other advocates and immigration beat journalists that I follow. They also retweet many other organizations, which has lead me to discovering new sources. They seem to be a very active and well-known organization within the immigration advocacy community.

As a bonus, I think it’s great that there is a Spanish language version of their website and blog posts.

Overall, I think this website does a good job of presenting a good deal of information about immigrant’s rights. Obviously, they come from an advocacy standpoint so it’s clear where they stand. They are not an unbiased news source, but I do enjoy visiting their website for information and they link out to many other news articles.

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