Elon Phoenix triumph over NU’s Huskies at Women’s Basketball game

The Northeastern University Women’s Basketball team went up against Elon University in the Cabot Center last Friday, Jan. 25. I decided to live tweet this event, as the tweets below demonstrate. Sports writing isn’t something I’ve ever done, so I figured it would be a good chance to try something new in a shorter format of 140 characters. I think Twitter is a great medium for covering sports events because at the end of the day its all about the score. If a reader was unable to watch the game, they can quickly check some tweets and know what the score is. However, it was harder than I had imagined to capture the sense of the game and not just have a simple tweet with the score. I am sure this is something I could improve on with time and with learning more of the sports lingo.

It was also interesting trying to balance how many tweets to send out. You don’t want to tweet every time someone scores a basket but you also want someone who is following your series of tweets to get a good feel for the game. That is why I tried to include a variety of photos and videos.

Overall, I think Twitter is a good tool to send out short messages and photos to convey a quick message for a reader who may not have time for a full story, although tweets can also be a good addition to a longer piece.

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