Following my beat via Twitter

Twitter can be a great resource for any journalist since it’s a great way to get a pulse on how people are feeling about an issue. Typically it leads me articles that I might not have seen without twitter.

Here are some of the accounts I will keep an eye on for this blog:

@KidsImmigration – This is the Center for the Children of Immigrants twitter page that shares a variety of news articles pertaining to the issue of immigration. Particularly, they have good information on DACA.

@WendyDC5 – Wendy Cervantes is an immigration rights activist who tweets pretty often and shares some good articles on the topic.

@votolatino – Voto Latino is an organization that worked at getting Latinos out to vote this election and shares a great deal of articles about immigration issues. It also tweets a lot about their activism programs.

@AmericasVoice – This is the twitter feed for the America’s Voice blog. While I already read their blog entries on their website, the list of people they follow is great and they often retweet various legislators and other activists.

@JuanSaaa – Juan Escalante is a writer for America’s Voice and an immigration rights activist who has many interesting thoughts on the issue. He also tweets upwards of 20 times a day which gives me a lot of reading material

@AntonioArellano – Antonio Arellano is a journalist in Houston. He was nominated for the 2016 Tecla awards for the most influential Latinx on Twitter.

@iAmericaorg – iAmerica is a resource for immigrants that helps them understand immigration policies and what their rights are. Their feed is great for learning more about policy and how it affects individuals.

@FWD_us – Founded by people in the technology industry, this grassroots organization has chapters all over the country. They have great twitter content, including a lot of personal stories.

@NIJC – The National Immigrant Justice Center’s Twitter feed is another great activist source to follow for news from around the country.

@BRImmigrantCent – The Brazilian Immigrant Center of the Greater Boston Area is a good source of local immigration policy news and also specific to Brazilian immigrants, which is particularly important to me as I am from Brazil.

@GRBostonLatinos – This again is another good source for more local immigration policy news and again focused on latinos.

@MariaSacchetti – Maria Sacchetti is the Boston Globe metro reporter on the immigration beat. She tweets both about local and national immigration news.


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