They saw it coming

The biggest takeaway from the three videos we watched in class is the fact that, for the most part, people had an idea of the immense impact technology would have on the news industry. Because of this, the companies in the video were actively working, or at least theorizing, how news companies need to adapt to this new technology.

I think the companies in this video did a good job at predicting how people would get their news today. The KRON video, while a very primitive example, did accurately predict that most people would get their news from a computer.

Roger Fidler’s tablet newspaper seems the most similar to the mobile devices most people consume news on today. While it worked a bit more smoothly, Fidler was right in the fact that news is moving towards multimedia formats that combine video, audio, and photos with text. He also got the interactivity correct.

Personalization is something I think two of the videos we watched got right. The tablet newspaper touched on personalized ads very similar to what we have today. The EPIC 2015 video took it a step further with Googlezon. Google and Amazon do collect a great deal of information from its users to customize search results, ads, and purchase suggestions, but they don’t necessarily have an ID card on each user with all of their personal information. (At least I hope they don’t.) And while most people are trapped in a news bubble on Facebook seeing content they most likely will favor, we don’t receive a custom content package on a daily basis exclusively with content we will like. I did find interesting that it touched on fake news, something we are struggling with now.

Overall, I was impressed by the accuracy of these videos, although slightly disheartened by the fact that the tablet newspaper loads content faster than my iPhone.

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