Why immigration?

Of all the topics in the world, I chose to write this blog about issues revolving around immigration. The main reason being that I myself am an immigrant. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to Boston when I was two years old. I’ve been a citizen of the United States for about five years now.

I’ve watched my parents and many of my family members go through the immigration system. I use the word system loosely because at times it doesn’t seem very systematic or organized, especially when I have family members who have been working and waiting for over 20 years for their green card applications to go through.

So it’s through that lens, and with that baggage, that I will be anxiously watching our new President make decisions that not only affect my family but millions of people who identify as Americans, regardless of what their documents say.

In this blog, I will be keeping an eye on the topic from various news sources, including but not limited to: Maria Sacchetti for the Boston Globe, Define American, Julián Aguilar for The Texas Tribune, The New York Times on Immigration and Emigration , Immigration Impact, and America’s Voice.

I hope that through sifting through these sources of information on the topic, I can write blog posts that will help make this complicated and often controversial easier to understand for people who haven’t experienced it or researched the topic. I want to use my personal experiences and other’s experiences as a way of putting a human face on the issue, but at the end of the day it’s about the facts and I’m excited to see how those facts will unravel throughout the next couple of months.



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